Nokia Lumia 920 is Better Than the Samsung Galaxy S3?


Recently, Nokia unveiled two Windows Phone handsets. First, the Nokia Lumia 920, and then following closely behind is the Nokia Lumia 820. After closely inspecting the Nokia Lumia 920 and what it can do, we have come to the conclusion that this thing is a more compelling smartphone when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Many of you are big fans of Android and of the Samsung Galaxy S3, and that is understandable because it is one hell of a phone. However, Nokia is doing what Apple has been doing since 2007, proving to the world that software is more important than hardware. Having a beefy hardware to butcher the benchmark applications is all good and dandy, but when the software is all over the place, the experience is never what it could be.

Here are our reasons why the Nokia Lumia 920 is better than the Galaxy S3

The Design

This is indisputable, the Nokia Lumia 920 puts to shame the Samsung Galaxy S3 when it comes to how both phones are designed. While the Galaxy S3 looks like any other big screen smartphone, Nokia chose to go with an iconic look that it began with the Lumia 800. The polycarbonate design of the Lumia 920 sets it apart from the competition, it looks different, it’s attractive, and it is shiny, we love shiny.

The Display with PureMotioin HD+

The Samsung Galaxy S3 display might be bigger than the Nokia Lumia 920 by .3-inches, but size doesn’t matter. If that were the case, the iPhone and its 3.5-inches worth of screen real estate would be at the bottom of pile by now. What sets the Lumia 920 apart, is the PureMotion HD+ display technology that is expected to allow users to view their screen in direct sunlight, that’s something we all want in our smartphones. Yes, many modern smartphones have some form of technology that allows the user to view in direct sunlight, but none allows for blur free scrolling, and the ability to detect sunlight and change the color scheme automatically.

The Super Sensitive Touch

This is also a part of the display tech, but it is so good that we had to give its own little piece. What’s good about the Super Sensitive Touch tech on the Nokia Lumia 920, is how it will allow future users to touch the screen with a glove, tall fingernails, or key of all things. Before the Lumia 920, there was never a phone where the touchscreen works with a glove on hand, or fingernails and that was a real pain in the fingertips. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has nothing like this, which makes the Lumia 920 the phone to get if you are out looking.

The PureView Camera Tech

This where the Lumia 920 puts the Galaxy S3 to shame. The camera here is not the same compared to the Nokia PureView 808, no 41-megapixel shooter to be found here folks. Still, by now everyone should know that more megapixels does not always truly matter. The camera is so good that you can record a video without jerkiness, a thing that has been plaguing phones with cameras for over a decade. The PureView tech also allows for taking great pictures in low light conditions without flash. Every phone we know off, requires flash to get a good shot in low light conditions, this includes the Samsung Galaxy S3

The Wireless Charging

Nokia is not the first company to introduce wireless charging to smartphones, thank Palm for that. May the tech Gods bless Palm’s soul and send HP to the bottomless pit. Anyway, the Nokia Lumia 920 is packing wireless charging like a boss, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t, and that’s the end of that.

The Nokia Maps and City Lens

Some of you are probably saying right now that the Galaxy S3 has Google Maps, so what is this about. It does, but can it store your maps offline? Nope, it can’t, Lumia 920 wins. There is also this cool feature in Nokia Maps that is called City Lens. With City Lens, users can hold up the Lumia 920 PureView camera to see information on surrounding business. It’s basically augmented reality, and it looks useful.

The Conclusion

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is a great phone; a phone deserves all the praise it is getting. However, there is no doubt that there is a new king of the hill on the block, and that is the Nokia Lumia 920. With all the software and killer hardware features this bad boy is packing, Samsung will need to come very good with its next phone, or its next copy of the Lumia.


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