T-Mobile Offering All its Devices for Zero Down!

With T-Mobile’s uncarrier approach, the contracts are gone and instead you can choose to either buy all your devices outright, or instead enter into a payment plan. Up until now, most of the handsets offered by T-Mob required some sort of down payment to get started, but a new deal starting tomorrow will allow you to get your hands on any device for zero down.
For example, the iPhone 5 will now be ‘zero down’ and the remaining 24 payments will come in at $27. The same goes for any type of phone, regardless of the maker or OS.
The catch? It really just pushes the payment away until later – but nothing else beyond that. At the moment, no official end date is revealed with this special offer, though T-Mobile has made it clear this is a ‘limited time’ promo, likely running only through the summer.
Basically, if you want to get a new phone now, this is a good time to do it.
What do you think of T-Mobile’s recent uncarrier initiative? Share your thoughts below!


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