1. Pocket: This app allows you to save any kind of article, you find on the internet, on your phone so that you can access it anytime, anywhere, even in a dead zone.
2. Swype: This app simplifies your typing experience. This gesture keyboard allows the user to type in words by just dragging his or her finger across the letters of the word he or she intends to type in.
3. Pulse News: In this fast pace world, this app makes it easier for you to keep a tab on recent happenings and news. It allows you to scan through headlines and news stories on the go.
4. This app is a twist on the classic to-do list. It allows you to keep a note of the things that you intend to do and then subsequently categorize them into sections, such as: today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday.
5. Sticher Radio: For those who like to indulge in music, this app provides access to bring together live radio stations, record talk-radio shows and podcast from around the web into a single app. It also allows you to form custom stations on the basis of your favorites.
6. WhatsApp: This smartphone messenger allows you to stay connected with your friends around the world through the internet. Also, you can easily share pics, audio notes, video messages and SMSs.
7. Zedge: This app provides you with an array of wallpaper and ringtone options to choose from for your phone.
8. Photo editor by Aviary: This app is a favorite with the shutter bugs as it allows the user to add various effects and enhance the pictures captured by his or her smartphone.
9. Evernote Food: This is your handy cook book on your phone! It allows you to keep brows through various recopies through the web browser and save it on your phone in your personal cookbook.
10. TeamViewer: This allows you to access your PC over the internet and transfer your files to and fro.



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