LG G Watch and Glass wearables tipped for the future

Now that LG has confirmed the “G” will be their premium brand name moving forward, like the upcoming LG G2 smartphone, it’s pretty safe to assume an array of other “G” branded devices are coming soon. Earlier today we reported on a GPad trademark filing, but it looks like LG has a lot more up their sleeves than that. Talk of an LG G Watch, G Glass, and other “G” apps to take on Samsung and more.



It’s no secret that Samsung has been the king of Android, and mobile, as of late, and now it appears that LG wants to take a similar approach. We’re hearing talk of a G Pad, G Glass, G Watch, G Band and more all syncing to a new G Hub and G Link. I don’t know about you, but I just said “G” way too many times.

The new trademark filing clearly states a G Watch is at least in the works, which makes sense given we’ve seen similar rumors from Samsung, Sony, Google, Apple, and even Intel. The next wave of wearable devices is quickly approaching, and LG wants to be on board. We’re not sure if G Glass is a Google Glass type competitor, or just a companion app of some sort, but we’d like to know.


All of these details come to us by the way of the Korean Intellectual Property Office, where LG has filed multiple new trademarks. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see these products hit the shelves, but it’s a good indication of what’s coming.

LG could be planning their attack to compete with Samsung and Google both here, but we’ll have to wait and see what comes from these trademarks. The second half of the year should be a big one for LG Electronics.


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