People buy tabs for a large screen view, which makes their surfing, gaming and video experience more exhilarating. But what if you can make your large screen even wider by just simply connecting your Samsung tab to your TV making your browsing experience even more thrilling? If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Samsung Smart TV then surely you can experience this. You can connect your Samsung Tab 2 to your Samsung Smart TV and enjoy rich, web and multimedia content on your TV right from your portable device. Besides, the connection will help you mirror your Samsung tab 2 contents on to your TV.

Things you will need to connect your tab to your TV:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Optional Galaxy Tab HDTV adapter (as no HDMI option is available in the tab)
Samsung TV
Wi-fi network (Network SSID required)
Step 1:

Connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to a TV with the optional Galaxy Tab HDTV Adapter. Now plug in your adapter from your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 data port, into a TV HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port.

Step 2:

Finally change the TV input to the adapter input and your TV instantly displays what’s on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Apart from the cable connection, you can also connect your Samsung Tab 2 with your Samsung TV through DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). To share media you can connect both your Samsung tab and TV to a Wi-Fi network and then get started streaming or sharing.

You can also use a stream display adapter. Such devices are about the size of a small sandwich, so they slip easily next to the TV and keep things neat and clean. You don’t need to plug in these adapters into your TV as they wirelessly connect with your tablet to stream content using Wi-Fi.


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